nea Women's Caucus

What is the NEA Women's Caucus?

The Caucus is...

  • A group of Association members joining together to effect change and equal representation in the National Education Association.
  • The tenacious watchdog of human rights in the NEA, standing outside the governance structure to offer assistance and affirmation, to reprimand and remedy as needed to achieve our goal of multicultural sex equity.
  • A channel through which members of the NEA can work to eliminate sexism and racism in all facets of society with special emphasis on educational issues.

Activities if the Caucus:

  • Develops new business floor strategy for the NEA convention.
  • Holds informational and strategy meetings at the NEA Convention.
  • Screens and endorses candidates for NEA office
  • Monitors women’s issues at the NEA Board Meetings and participates in the NEA-PAC.
  • Provides testimony at NEA Regional Conferences at Resolutions, Budget, and Legislative Hearings.
  • Publishes the newsletter, WomenSpeak.
  • Advocates and promote an awareness of issues impacting women and girls in public education in our ever changing world.